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captioned by closed captioning services, inc. good morning i'm kristen sze. and i'm cheryl jennings. an officer-involved shooting shuts didn't a neighborhood. a shelter-in-place was lifted in the past hour. laura anthony is live at the scene. >> reporter: tense situation for a time here. things are relatively calm as we speak. shelter-in-place has been lived. police say, this was a suicidal man who claimed to be armed and was shot by police. he is described only as a nan in his 40s who has been transported to a local
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hospital. concord police received a call from a resident yesterday morning. this man was at this home claiming to be armed and suicidal. this morning 8:15 police received another call the man was back again and threatening suicide. the s.w.a.t. team was brought in. at some point the man was out aside -- was outside of the house on the land asking police to shoot him. >> there were less lethal attempts to physically control him. those failed. and one of the officers had to tire. >> reporter: shot at least twice? >> more than once is what i'm saying. >> reporter: police will not say whether the man actually showed a weapon or just claim to have up with. they are not telling us what -- to have one. they are not telling us what prompted an officer to shoot the man. we do not know his identity or condition. police are still here investigating, as we speak. the shelter-in-place in this
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neighborhood lifted. police are expected to be here for a couple of hours investigating. laura anthony, abc7 news. occupy wall street protesters are marking the first anniversary of the movement with a protest right now in new york city. earlier today police arrested more than 100 who converged on the new york stock exchange this morning trying to block the trances to the building. demonstrators plan to form a human wall around the exchange to protest what they say is an unfair economic system that benefits the rich and corporations at the expense of ordinary citizens. bay area demonstrators timing their rally for later today. amy hollyfield joins us. >> reporter: there is a group that got an early start. they are going to be here 24 hours started camping out last night. a small group but the group says don't be fooled by its size.
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they say the occupy movement is apply and well. jane smith doesn't look lick a typical occupy protesters and usually works here as a mat shun for banks. today she is -- mathematician for banks. today is part of the occupy movement's first anniversary he took a vacation day to be here. >> it is that important. our country has been taken over by financial interests and multi-national corporations. >> reporter: they hope to convince others they can make a difference. >> when they are standing around the water cooler and somebody says look at those dirty hippies outside. they say, they have a point. >> reporter: they do have some supporters and then there are those who don't get. >> doesn't seem like they accomplished a lot, i low it is only a year in. >> it has raised consciousness but hasn't involved the problems facing the country and the statement >> reporter: the movement has several activities planned for
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throughout the day and the big rally and march is expected to happen here by 555 california seat at 5:00 this afternoon. amy hollyfield -- street at 5:00 this afternoon. amy hollyfield, abc7 news. this morning students are back in class for the first time since fire tore through a peninsula elementary school last week. kira klapper is live at the beechwood school. >> reporter: beechwood is a private school it serves a special purpose here in menlo park students who live in a low performing district. i witnessed a close-knit community, remarkable effort from that community made today's quick reopening possible. >> when we were standing here thursday morning, while the fire was burning, that was the goal to get school back open monday morning. >> reporter: the principal is one of many who is ecstatic
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after thursday's fire that torched a mobile building housing third grade classroom and administrative offices. >> we lost emergency cards and registration information for children we hope families will be able to give us contact information. >> reporter: the private school relies on donations which have poured in since the fire. support from the parents keeps this community thriving. dozens of parents spent all day saturday cleaning up. >> i was suppose to be at a coastal cleanup saturday at my daughter's high school. beechwood came first. >> reporter: after two days from class, even students are energized to be back. >> i feel excited because remissed -- we missed a lot of days i'm happy to be back and everybody is okay. beechwood is like a second family. >> reporter: the building that down was totally destroyed, a mobile building.
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principal lawrence tells me there were plans within the next year to build more permanent structures on campus. he says the fire gives them the momentum to make sure the permanent campus is built. you can see they are looking at the bright side of a dark weekend. kira klapper, abc7 news. investigators are searching for a retired san francisco firefighter missing after a cross country amtrak trip. his daughter is handing out flyers in omaha, nebraska. he had plans to travel on to canada to meet his son, he never made it and may have been spotted getting off the train in omaha many his daughter says he normally stays in up and she is concerned. grief counselors at a pleasanton high school today to offer support following the death of a student last week. the body of 17-year-old girl was found inside a newark
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motel friday. the body of 24-year-old man was found with her. investigators say the two had been shot, not clear who fired the gun. pleasanton police say the 17-year-old valley high student was reported as a runaway by her mother last week. still ahead, the new iphone is in high demand. the record-setting proof, just ahead. new protests over an anti-muslim individual the u.s. takes steps to protect its citizens. >> a's fans get their chance to see
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breaking news out of louisiana bomb threat prompted evacuations at louisiana state university. police are not saying much about the threat at the baton rouge campus bomb squad is at the scene and classes cancelled for the day. lsu sent a text to alert students asking them to evacuate as calmly and quickly as possible. there are 30,000 students, professors and employees. campus ms. in texas, north dakota and ohio were all evacuated friday after bomb threats no ex-blow sieves will found. hopefully -- no ex-blow sieves were found. overseas, leader of hezbollah made a rare public
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appearance at a rally in beirut denounced an anti-islam film that has created a weeklong protests. he told tens of thousands of supporters the u.s. must be held accountable for the film, because it was produced here. karen travers has the latest. >> reporter: tensions have simmered in the mideast after last week's violent protest but the unrest has spread to other parts of the globe. today large protests in indonesia, philippines, pakistan can buhl, where thousands of afghans burned cars and threw rocks in protest of the anti-muslim film that mocks the prophet mohammed. the fourth day of protests in afghanistan against the low budget film produced in the united states. this man says they will continue to protest, unless the infidels correct
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themselves. the protests aren't likely to die down any time soon. in will be none the leader of hezbollah has called for massive demonstrations there this week. -- >> in los angeles right now coptic christian and muslim leaders are holding a news conference to denounce the violence in the mideast over that anti-islamic movie. these are live pictures of that event, very peaceful because they are talking about the rights of free speech and other things. the filmmaker is a self-described coptic christian. shiny new record for apple, the company sold more than two million preorders for iphone 5 in the first 24 hours double the number for the 4s. lines are already growing outside apple stores. flagship store in new york city die-hard fans are camping out many missed out on last week's preorder limited numbers go on sale
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friday at apple stores and wal-mart, best buy, radioshack, at&t, verizon and sprint. let the frenzy begin. >> mike with the forecast. cooler today. >> definitely cooler today. you may be able to see the winds that are a little faster, clouds a little more stubborn today, tomorrow and wednesday will be the coolest. we'll talk about the change just in time for the weekend in your seven day forecast. plus, teaching kids about the dangers of the texting and driving. the innovative program going on now in the east bay. new warning about a colorful toy that doctors say could be a serious danger to infants and toddlers.
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wireless carrier and oakland school teaming up to show students the dangers of texting and driving in a new, fun way they can relate to. katie marzullo is live at skyline high. >> reporter: it is happening behind us, you can see it over my shoulder it is like a video game, hopefully, serious in
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that young people can learn how dangerous it is to drive while texting without learning the hard way in drivers ed you are taught to keep both hands-on the wheel. nowadays a teenaged driver is likely to have one hand on a cell phone. >> you want to like be able to reply fast. >> reporter: keeping this constant contact can be dangerous, even deadly. at&t and skyline high in oakland hope this simulator would be a lifesaving, life lesson. david was confident about his ability to text and drive. >> i choose not to, but i think i come >> reporter: that has educators and a tafpblt. worried. >> a lot of students are starting to dive, it is really important that they he understand what the potential cam cases could be. >> we think it is imperative that you act responsibly and use phones when appropriate not while you are driving. >> reporter: now back to the simulator. see how david did. >> you got a phone on you?
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>> reporter: off he goes. >> i'm texting. >> reporter: next thing you know -- >> i crashed. [ laughing ] >> i was texting it was hard to look and be on the road at the same time. >> reporter: it only takes two seconds. the simulator is here all day today and tomorrow. wednesday is national don't text while diving day. katie marzullo, abc7 news. >> great reminder, thank you. event taking place at oakland coliseum now that even the most ardent a's fan would have never predicted in april, hundreds in line to buy tickets for a wild card playoff game. the american league division series the a's are the surprise story this year. the number one wild card seed with the second best record in the american league despite having baseball's second lowest payroll. >> we were talking about selling wild card and playoff detectives in advance.
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mike do athletes that i is jinxing, more pressure, do they like it? >> i don't think so. -- i think the a's don't quit no matter what the scores that makes them so fun and young. >> go buy the tickets. >> have fun. absolutely. fun, hasn't been fun getting into sfo flight arrival delays of up to an hour clouds are starting to break i hope those flight arrival delays will end in the next hour or hour and a half, looking at that sunshine from south beach towards oakland right now. live doppler 7 hd after the sunshine around san jose, doppler will show there's still clouds around the bay a lot at the coast, nothing wet falling from them temperature in the 50s in most areas, 60s towards the south bay, north bay, east bay valleys 74 antioch monterey bay bay mid to upper 50s inland starting
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to see sunshine and low 60s salinas and gilroy. slower sunshine, cooler today, coolest days tomorrow and wednesday, usually warming trend when it is not as cool not going to get that warm thursday through saturday. we'll say not as cool as the next 72 hours. today 60 in san francisco, santa rosa 76, concord 78, fremont 74. oakland 66, three degrees cooler than yesterday. highs south bay low to mid 70s los gatos 78. everybody on the peninsula, 60s, palo alto 70. 60 half moon bay everybody else struggles into the upper 50s along the coast near 60 downtown mid 60s south san francisco and sausalito. stenson beach may get to 62. bodega bay 58°. 60s east bay shore. warmest in the east bay valleys mid 70s dublin 76, mid
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80s around brentwood, 82 gilroy. low 60s around monterey and upper 60s watsonville, santa cruz and salinas. 101 palm springs, 82 in l.a., 77 san diego. 76 in tahoe today. back home chilly night feels like fall at at&t park, 7:15, 57° drop fog 54. -- dropping to 54. more of us will see cloud cover than this morning. a lot of orange dry air above this 2,000 foot marine layer enhanced by area of low pressure going to slowly draw near to the coast as it does cooler and cooler and breezy not only today more so
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tomorrow and wednesday that's why there are two coolest days, as the low passes thursday, friday, saturday, minimal warming, maybe mid 80s 90s nowhere in this forecast. saturday starts to -- starts to get cooler sunday. doctors are warning parents about a new toy that could pose a serious danger ter to toddlers. the colorful water absorbing balls sold under the name water balls they grow to the size of a racket ball when placed in water. in texas doctors had to surgically remove one from the intestines of a baby girl. experts say the balls could rupture intestines which can be dead litch the company says the product already carries water labels that it is only for kids over three. we have stunning video of a little girl playing with a 300 pound gorilla these were
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made 20 years ago, just now being made public. 18-month-old is playing with adult gorilla, both appear to be calm and happy what was her father thinking? in an interview on "good morning america," father and daughter explained. >> the reality is, i brought up with gorillas and my family and if you are brought up with the gorillas and part of the family group it is not risky. i could understand how some will find it hard to believe. >> i don't remember specifically, that video. but i remember going in with the animals and loving being around them it is like playing with another brother or sister. >> they hope to generate donations to the foundation which helps caged gorillas return to their natural habitat. >> a real life tarzan story. panda family at the national zoo is a little bigger today. >> details on the new arrival and where you can go to watch
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the pandas. hi. i was the summer of shades. 50 shades that made things hotter. today i'm talking with the author of that titilating trilogy, what motivated her to write this book? where did she learn all this stuff? who does she think should play grey on the big screen? we'll talk about why husbands across america are calling it "50 shades of
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today, new research that -- [ unintelligible ] keeping tabs on how the anniversary of the occupy movement is affecting your day.
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those stories and more later today at 4 and 5 a female giant pan dat national zoo in washington has given birth to a cub. the zoo says mei xiang gave birth before 11:00 last night. they can hear the cub but haven't seen it because she has built a large nest. it is the second cub born as the result of artificial insemination. the zoo has put up a large panda cam on the internet we have a link on under see it on tv. when it does emerge we'll have the first individual of course. >> for all of us here thanks for joining us. >> who wants to be a >> who wants to be a millionaire is next. captioned by closed captioning services, inc.
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